The Vision Device Management Cloud is used to monitor the health and status of your edge devices, install/update apps, and route data to the user selected monitoring service(s). It is accessible from any Internet connected laptop, tablet, or smartphone by navigating to

Manage Edge Devices

The dashboard gives you the ability to see the location of edge devices, their signal strength, battery level and more.

Vision Manages Your Edge Devices:

Show location, signal strength, and battery for connected devices
Upgrade Device Operating System
Install/Upgrade/Remove Edge Apps Remotely

Buy or Build Edge Apps

The App Store allows users to purchase pre-built and tested applications on a monthly subscription basis.  Purchased apps can be installed and updated directly on any connected devices. Upgrade to a Developer account to build and publish your own apps to be used within your organization. Want to sell your apps? Simply publish them publicly and set your own price.

Edge Apps Allow You To:

Interact with Multiple Controls and Sensors
Analyze Data at a Higher Frequency to Enable Machine Learning
Push Data on a Schedule or Report by Exception
Run Advanced Control Loops Using Artificial Intelligence

Route Data to Monitoring Services

Vision has a number of pre-integrated services that allow you to push data to a monitoring service in real time as it is received from edge devices. You are in control of your data. Route data to multiple services and remove access to data whenever you want

Vision Manages Your Edge Devices:

Receive Real Time Encrypted Data Pushed from Edge Apps
Poll Your Data Through a Published API
Select One or More Pre-integrated Services to Push Data To
Publish Your Own Service Privately or Publicly